5 Steps to Hiring Only Top Performers

If you truly want to hire only the best and get them up to speed quickly, follow these 5 steps developed by interviewing skills professionals:

  1. Compile a list of both high and low performing current employees in the target job. To be fair and accurate, avoid relying upon the subjective reporting of managers. Instead use performance data (i.e., sales results, engagement scores or customer satisfaction ratings) to distinguish poor vs. great employees.
  1. Invite employees to participate in your efforts to hire better. Then interview both high and low performers for their view of the competencies needed to succeed at the job and for their observations on the behaviors that demonstrate skill competency.
  1. Develop a list of behavioral indicators (both high and low) for each competency and check it out with managers for their comments and buy-in.
  1. Create a scoring model…perhaps a “5” for those candidates who display only top performer indicators through to a “1” for those who respond with only low performer indicators.
  1. Train your interviewers to manage the process accurately and consistently.
Implement the process, test the results and adjust as needed. Identifying top performers could be your most outstanding contribution to company success.

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