Youtube Impacts the Interview

Below is an abstract of an behavioral interviewing skills training focused white paper.

When For many years job seekers have turned to books such as "Answers to the 100 Toughest Interview Questions" or to college placement offices for interview advice. Since then, there's been exponential growth in interview coaching services—from outplacement firms to the Internet and most recently to YouTube. A quick search of the video sharing website brings up hundreds of consultants offering free advice on "acing the behavioral interview."

Instant access to professional interview coaching on YouTube changes the game for interviewers. For one thing, it means they have to give up the mistaken notion that using behavioral interview techniques gives them a special advantage. In an era where candidates can learn the ins and outs of behavioral interviewing online, interviewers are more often playing catch up than calling the shots. In fact, when interviewers follow a standard behavioral interview script, they are likely to make several errors.

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