Interviewing Skills Training for When You Want the Very Best

A business man is climbing stairs labeled "good enough" to "better" to "best"

Would you ever hire anyone but the very best candidate? Interviewing skills training can help you sort through the good enough candidates, through the better hires  and finally identify the very best…the “A” players who will strengthen your organization and enable its success.

First, according to behavior-based interviewing skills training experts you need to know exactly who that ideal candidate would be. Work with the hiring team to design a clear profile of success in the specific job and corporate culture you are hiring for. You can easily figure out what technical capabilities they should have. But we maintain that, even more important than their technical expertise, are their attitude, working style and cultural fit

Over and above these “better” employees is the very best, the one who has all the competencies required, shares the same values and work ethic as the company, and exhibits a high degree of emotional intelligence or EQ. We believe that employees with this rare skill help organizations grow faster than companies without them.

Here, based upon behavior-based interviewing skills training experts, is what they can offer:
  1. A highly developed people sense
    They genuinely care about people and want to understand them better… what makes them tick, what are their passions, and what are their ambitions. Their empathy makes EQ employees highly desirable for key, customer-facing jobs.
  2. A natural ability to lead
    They know how to get along with all types and are people magnets. People like to be with them because they are so good at communicating, solving problems and cooperating with others. They know how to both give and receive feedback and are well respected because they respect themselves.
  3. An overall perspective
    Employees with high EQ seem to be able to capture the essence of a problem easily. They can cut through the people issues to see the root cause. And then they are able to pull together differing factions to focus on common goals and solutions.
  4. Strong interpersonal relationship skills
    Not only will they enhance the relationships within the company, but they also build strong external relationships. They have an innate sense of how to connect with clients and customers so that the relationship is not merely established but grows and is sustained. They help build customer loyalty. What could be more valuable to a business?

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