A Better Way to Select Talent that Fits the Job and Your Unique Organizational Culture

A blindfolded cartoon figure is pinning names on a board with the comment that "this is the way to choose who to hire"

Does it sometimes seem as if the hiring committee is just throwing darts at a board to make their final selection? A stab in the dark is just that…a gamble that you have chosen someone who will fit the job and fit the culture. But hiring mistakes can be costly indeed. Take off the blindfolds and take a far closer and more discriminating look at your job candidates. 

One tip that comes directly from interviewing skills training is to consider the current top talent at your organization. Think of the highest performers at all levels of the company from the mail room to the executive suite and then find answers to these key questions:

  • What vital few traits matter most?  Define the three or four distinguishing traits that all your superstars share. This tells you what traits you want more of because people with those differentiated characteristics thrive.  To challenge which qualities are most important, reflect to see if anyone with all of those competencies has ever failed to succeed.  This will help you understand what matters most and perhaps identify other traits that are critical for success. 
  • Do you consistently recognize and reward those traits?  If you do – great.  That means you have strong alignment between the values that work and the values you reward.   If you do not, you need to understand why.  Perhaps you are missing an opportunity to encourage the behaviors you want.  Maybe you are fooling yourself about what really matters most.  For example, some companies say they believe that “people are their greatest asset,” but they really care about making as much profit as possible on the backs of their employees.  

High performing companies hire talent that aligns with what makes their best people successful and go out of their way to reward the behaviors that matter most.  Do the same and the odds are in your favor that you will hire well and for the long-term.

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