How to Match the Candidate to the Job

Interviewers have a real challenge. They are asked to meet multiple candidates all of whom, on the face of it, have the technical qualifications for the job.

What the interviewers need to determine is which one of these job seekers is the best hire. And the “best” hire is not necessarily the one an interviewer likes the best.

It is only human to feel most comfortable with someone of our own personality style. But our style may not be the best for the position that is open.

To guard against hiring the person you would most like to have coffee with, analyze the specific job and then list the specific competencies needed for success. If you’re hiring for a research position, an analytical personality is much more important than an expressive one. If it’s sales that need new hires, someone who reads customers well, is articulate and has the self-confidence to meet and persuade strangers is the one to hire.

The critical factor in successful hiring is to match the candidate to the job and the culture – not who is most like you.

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