Hiring? What to Look For in a New Leader

What sets a leader apart from the rest of the population? This is what you must determine if you are in charge of finding one. 

Interviewing skills training will tell you that your first step in the process of hiring for any position you are trying to fill is to be clear about what specific qualities, attitudes, and skills are needed for success for your unique strategy, organizational culture and job. The only difference in selecting a leader is that the stakes are higher. A poor selection could lead an entire organization in the wrong direction.

Here, from our two decades of experience in working with leaders in various industries and companies large and small, is our short list of behavior-based competencies you should look for:

  • Excellent communication skills to both marshal and inspire the troops
  • A positive outlook and the ability to remain calm and focused when the going gets tough
  • A presence and self-confidence that commands attention and respect
  • An understanding of what it takes to work on and with a team
  • A big picture, strategic approach
  • A willingness to accept feedback, pro or con, with the goal of continuous learning and improvement

Your task is difficult but there are leaders out there…you just need to find them.

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