Competencies—Another Corporate Buzz Word

So many terms derived from corporate culture have invaded our general vocabulary that there is even a term for this language: corporate speak.

In the world of behavioral interviewing, “competencies” is one of these terms. But, as with many popular and over-used words, there is confusion about their actual meaning.

We define competencies simply as behavioral qualities.

Within the context of a job interview, competencies reflect the key performance factors necessary for a candidate to be successful on the job. An example of an intellectual competency would be skill at solving problems effectively. A motivational competency could be resourcefulness or the ability to do more with less. An interpersonal competency could describe a team player, one who works well with others to achieve a common goal.

When training on how to conduct interviews effectively, starting with a proven and comprehensive list of behavioral qualities is a great place to start. From these you choose those most applicable to the job for which you are interviewing and the culture.

You should select the candidate who most authentically and predictably displays those competencies.

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