Resumes versus Interviews Which Has More Valuable Information?

Just as an interview without a resume would not tell the whole back story of a job candidate; so, too, a resume without an interview gives only a partial picture of a candidate’s fit for the open position.

Certainly the resume is valuable as a document that tells a candidate’s job history and academic accomplishments. But it should be treated only as a start to the conversation conducted in the interview. Use the resume to ensure that the candidate has the relevant background and experience for the job. Then make a list of several subjects that you’d like to probe further…topics that will fill in the blanks of a candidate’s style, cultural fit, and motivation.

The interview is where you can explore these topics in depth. Can the interviewee cite examples of past accomplishments that depended on the competencies you know are needed for success in the job? You need to be able to predict how the new hire will behave on the job. Repeated examples of past behavior are your best clues to future performance and cultural fit.

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