5 Steps to an Effective Interview Process

For the most sought-after jobs companies typically use a rigorous interview process to ensure that they hire candidates who are a great fit for both the job and the organizational culture.

A strong interview process makes sense; for even the best interviewing skills can be rendered ineffective without a proven and well considered interview process.

If you are creating or upgrading your interview methodology, make sure that you include some form of these five steps:
  1. Interview Team Selection: First, make sure that you identify the key stakeholders and hiring managers who will make the final decision on the candidate.

  2. Job Description: Create clear and agreed-upon definitions for (a) the essential job functions, (b) the true organizational culture, and (c) the core competencies necessary to succeed in the job.

  3. Interview Team Assignments: Based upon their areas of expertise and passion, assign each interviewer competencies (technical, functional, and behavioral) they should probe to get a deep and well-rounded perspective on the candidate.

  4. Screen and Interview Candidates: Use resume and telephone screens to vet potential new hires and then apply behavioral interview skills and best practices to predict future on-the-job performance.

  5. Evaluate and Decide: Use a predetermined rating system to identify and agree upon candidates who fit the best. To hire top talent, remember to compare the candidates not to each other but to your desired standard.

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