Set the Right Interview Climate

Interior designers know how to change the mood of a room from a place to be avoided into a wonderful, welcoming space.

Contrary to the popular belief that stressful interviews uncover true behavior patterns, a successful interview begins with creating the right climate. A relaxed and comfortable ambiance is one that makes it easy to build the rapport required to discover whether the candidate would be a good fit.

Building rapport involves finding a quiet location, setting clear interview expectations, being friendly and helpful, and showing a genuine interest in the candidate’s background, resume, and motivations for the job.

It takes only a few seconds for an interviewee to form difficult-to-change opinions about you based on your demeanor, body language, appearance, and mannerisms and your organization based upon the setting you create for the interview. First create the proper climate.

Then it will be time to use your behavioral interviewing skills to make better hiring decisions.

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