Are You Hiring the Right Talent?

Having the right people in the right job at the right time is a critical ingredient to success.

But, according to Harvard Business Review, up to 50% of all executive hires end in firing or resignation. Why? Because success today depends increasingly on intangible competencies-like teamwork and cross-cultural literacy-rarely found on resumes.

Depend on the resume only for work history and to confirm that your next interview candidate has the technical competencies needed for this position. Practice the line of questioning that will uncover intangible, behavioral competencies.

To succeed, follow these steps:
  1. List 8 or more key job-related behavioral competencies for success in the position and in your organizational culture. The competencies should cover critical interpersonal, intellectual, and motivational areas.

  2. Review the resume and select 2-3 major topics(e.g. jobs) which you can open up with "Tell me about..." Ask for a major accomplishment in each topic area.

  3. Experiment with behavioral questioning techniques to uncover true behavior patterns.
By interviewing more effectively, you will be better able to predict future-on-the-job performance and behavior, make the right hiring decisions, and avoid costly mistakes.

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