Interviewers Need to Sell Too

Candidates are not the only ones who need to do some selling during the job interview.

They, of course, are trying their best to impress the interviewer and sell themselves. But, if you are the interviewer working with a very desirablecandidate, you can be sure other companies are also hoping to sign them up. You need to be able to sell your organization as the best of all their other options.

In other words, curtail the time you spend questioning the applicant’s credentials and experience. Instead devote a good chunk of the conversation to why you think your company would be a good fit. Just as you would qualify a sales opportunity before devoting too much time and energy to a lost cause, find out early on if the applicant is serious about the opening you have. Are they really interested? Are they likely to accept an offer? What would it take?

Ask these questions so you know whether to cross a candidate off the list or court them even more seriously. 

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