Interviewing for Your Dream Job

You have finally secured an interview for your dream job. How can you make the verybest impression and give yourself the very best chance at getting an offer?

1.     Learn as much as you can about the company. Use the internet to find out about the industry, the company products/services and how it is organized. Beyond that, can you discover anything about the

§  Person interviewing you…their role, their function, their style?
§  Company culture and the team you might join?

2.     The first few moments are critical. Plan to arrive a bit early so you appear unruffled and can gather your thoughts. Establish eye contact and greet your interviewer with confidence. Pace yourself so you don’t talk too quickly or pointlessly.

3.     Fill your tool box with stories that will illustrate your capabilities. Be prepared to talk about the core competencies that are part of the job profile. Is your interviewer looking for examples of leadership behavior, teamwork, initiative? Be ready.

Do not waste your chance—prepare and practice for the interview of your life.

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