Friday, June 28, 2013

To Get the Best, Avoid Hiring by Instinct

It is only natural, when you hire, to give preference to candidates who mirror your personality, interests, and style. But this can be a big mistake for the long-term health of your organization.

Too many clones in one company stamp out the value of diversity—the ability to solve problems and innovate—that thrives on a variety of approaches and skill sets. Interviewers need to base their hiring decisions on a job profile that clearly states the ideal technical and behavioral qualifications for the position. A multi-faceted team is far more productive than a team of mirror images.

By the same token, a job seeker should not accept a position because they “like” the interviewer. Potential candidates should assess the requirements for the job, as well as the team and company culture, to be sure they are a good fit.

The goal of a hire is to bring aboard the right talent for the right job that will succeed in your unique culture. Avoid hiring (or accepting) a job by instinct; apply objective measures to the process.

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