Seek Diversity When You Hire to Build a Stronger Team

Be sure you know what is missing on a team before you draw up the job profile that will guide your hiring decision. Maybe you need certain technical expertise. But you might also need the ability to uncover a certain personality style as part of your interviewing skills training.

Have you ever tried to work with a team of leaders? Or, maybe worse, a team of followers? You need both on a team to stay productive. So beyond what you define as the skill set needed, assess what working style would most contribute to the team’s success. You should strive for a combination of inspired leaders, thoughtful planners, detail-oriented implementers, and creative problem solvers.

Granted, interpersonal dynamics are nearly impossible to predict but there are metrics out there now that claim to give hiring managers more data as to which candidate is more likely to survive and thrive on the new job. And give the team a share of the hiring decision. After all, it is in their best interests that the new hire is compatible with the goals and values of the team.

Team cohesion translates into team productivity.

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