When It’s Your Turn to Ask the Questions in an Interview

In almost every interview, you as the interviewee will be given an opportunity to ask your own questions about the job. This is your chance to “stand up” and learn about aspects that were not covered in the job description and to better assess your fit, from your point of view, for the position and the culture. You want to be prepared for this moment and to ask questions that show you off in a positive light.

Here are some suggestions from interviewing skills training experts:

  • What critical few qualities are most important for success in this job? The response should give you information about the company culture and job not covered before.
  • What might a typical day look like? This is how to learn more about the day-to-day responsibilities of the job.
  • What do you consider the greatest challenges (or opportunities) for an employee in working for the company today? Hopefully, you will gain insight into the company’s near-term focus and what it is truly like to be part of the team.

Armed with these questions, your interview should end on a positive and enlightening note.

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