Interviews as False Predictors of Job Success

It is hard to uncover what people are really like and how they will perform in your unique culture.

Interviews are tough…both for the interviewer and the job candidate. Not only are both players somewhat unnerved and anxious during the process, interviews may not even achieve their goal. They can be miserable predictors of on-the-job success. Here are four reasons why:

  • First impressions, positive or negative, true or false, play an overly important part in the hiring decision.
  • The interviewer’s state of mind affects their rating more than it should.
  • The interview takes place out of context, not in the actual job environment.
  • The interviewee’s position in the lineup of candidates can work against them if they’re following many others.

What can you as an interviewer do to sharpen your interviewing skills training and level the playing field so your hiring decision is well-conceived?  Two ideas that work well:
  1. Standardize the interview process so there are fewer inequities.
  2. Ask for examples of the interviewee’s work. What, specifically, have they accomplished and how?
Following these two simple guidelines will make your interviews fairer and cancel out some of the negatives inherent in the hiring process.

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