How to Tip the Interviewing Balance in Your Favor

Interviewing is a tricky business. You are prepared to answer just about any question the interviewer asks. But are you ready with questions of your own?

Here are two that have been recommended by interviewing skills training professionals:
  1. Organizational Culture: From what I’ve learned about the company, you are proud of holding to the values expressed in your mission and vision statements. How would you describe the most important feature of your culture? Not only do you demonstrate that you have done your homework, but you are likely to get a more complete and actual picture of what the organization values most to determine if you will fit in and thrive.
  2. Strategic Alignment: If I were to begin the job next week, what would be on the top of the list of my “to do’s”? The interviewer will not only picture you in the position by the way you ask the question but will also give you important clues as to what you would be expected to accomplish.  Follow-up with how your priorities tie to the overall team and corporate strategy and you will get a sense of strategic alignment and position yourself as someone who "gets it."
Asking good questions can help to tip the balance in your favor.

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