The #1 Way to Avoid Bad Hires

While this personality would be unique to uncover during an interview, if you are like the thousands of hiring managers we speak with, you would have to own up to almost 20% of your overall new hires being really bad choices. If only you saw this guy coming every time.

Interviewing skills training experts may have expected such a statistic but for those of us in the business of making the hiring decisions, this is a difficult pill to swallow. Especially now when there is a dearth of employees with the skills needed in this global economy…not to mention how expensive it is to hire, manage, coach and replace the wrong person.

What should we be looking for as we interview for an open position? Certainly we need to be able to evaluate a candidate’s ability for the technical job specifications. Our research however, says that is not the problem.

When employees do not fit, it is about attitude, motivation, commitment, personality…in other words cultural fit.  To increase your chances of getting it right make sure that you know how to determine if the candidate will thrive in your unique company culture.  That means defining your true organizational culture and having a proven plan to hire against it.  It also means being sure to consider if the candidate will fit with the specific team and corresponding sub-culture you are hiring for…not only the talent they bring but also the communication and work styles. 

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