Top 2 Ways Not to Flub Your Behavioral Interview

Interviewers are getting smarter and smarter.

They know all about behavioral interviewing and have ways to test that the experience you claim is real and that you would be a good fit for their job opening an organizational culture. They do not allow you to run the conversation. They question and probe and try to uncover what really makes you tick. What can you do to avoid flubbing the interview?

  1. Be honest. There is nothing to be gained by trying to be someone you are not. You might shoehorn yourself into the job but you will not be happy or successful there. Meantime, an astute interviewer who has had interviewing skills training will see right through your pretense.
  2. Be prepared. Think through possible questions ahead of time. Listen carefully to the question and then with various scenarios in mind you can offer proof that you can, for example,

§  Handle pressure and ambiguity
§  Deal with challenges and change
§  Solve complex problems and help others to succeed
§  Learn from mistakes and other people
§  Set and achieve goals when you say you will
§  Be a team player and do what is best for the organization
§  Resolve conflict and clearly communicate

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