#1 Rookie Mistake – Hiring for Comfort

It is far too easy to prefer interviewees who are like us, the interviewers. If we have similar personalities, backgrounds, interests and skills, we are more comfortable with them because we understand and communicate well with them. They would be the easy, comfortable choice to fill any open job slot.

But if you are hiring for a team, do not hire for comfort.

There are those in the interviewing skills training field who recommend you do just the opposite. They recommend that you hire those who are different from you. Why?

The strongest, most effective teams are made up of diverse members who have a variety of personalities, backgrounds and skills. In fact, it has been shown that more diverse teams lead to greater innovation and, perhaps as a corollary, better financial results.

The take-away?

Hire those who make you feel a bit uncomfortable. They will bring different perspectives to your team and challenge your thinking.

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