4 Definite No-No’s for Job Interviews

When you really want the job, be sure to avoid these top 4 no-no’s compiled by interviewing skills training experts.
  1. Never be untruthful in a job interview. Sure, you can omit unfavorable facts but never lie to your interviewer or on your resume. One way or another, you will be found out.
  2. Never bad mouth or complain about your previous employer. Your interviewer will likely consider you a whiner and unable to work well with others. 
  3. Never come unprepared. This means that you not only research the company but that you also are familiar with the job description. Come prepared with clear and persuasive examples of why you fit what they need
  4. Never be unprofessional. Of course, you should dress in a respectful manner. You should treat everyone from the receptionist to your interviewer with courtesy. A rude remark on the way in could cost you the opportunity.

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