Top 3 Best Practices of Great Interviewers

Great interviewers are made, not born. It does not come naturally. Interviewing skills training can make the difference between hiring well or hiring poorly. If you are in the business of building a team, be sure you develop the following interviewing best practices and learn how to conduct a great interview.
  1. Know what you are looking for.  Develop a job profile of what it will take to be successful in the job and in your unique organizational culture. Be specific about the critical skills and competencies that are needed and the key behaviors that will ensure a happy, engaged, dedicated and successful team member.
  2. Ask and then ask some more.  Prepare behavior-based questions specifically designed to focus in on the skills and behaviors you seek. Then follow up with questions that will elicit proof of past performance. Avoid theoretical situations. Strive for real-life examples of the skills, competencies and behaviors the job requires and that your organizational culture demands.
  3. Sell the job but be realistic.  Great candidates are likely to have multiple offers. Be sure you describe the job and the company with enthusiasm but truthfully. Set clear expectations so there are no misunderstandings.

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