Why You Should Hire a Result…Not a Position

For those of us involved in interviewing skills training, it always comes as a surprise—our program participants come in with the feeling that it is up to the interviewee to impress the interviewer. Rarely do they consider that, when you are looking to hire the best, it should also work in the opposite direction—the interviewer should be ready to impress the candidate.

The best interviewers prepare thoroughly and look for the best. They select the candidate who does not just fit the slot on the org chart but fills a real business need. They look behind the resume and listen carefully to the answers to their questions. If they are hiring for sales, they look for the critical few behavioral skills that support successful selling for their unique sales strategy, organizational culture, target customer and industry. If they are hiring for frontline customer service, they look for someone with the right attitude, communication skills and service competencies that match their specific service strategy.

Know the real business need. Understand the critical few behavior-based competencies it takes to fill that need. Then hire someone who demonstrates those skills and fits your culture. Hire the result, not a position.

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