The Key to Hiring Leaders Who “Fit”

Perhaps the hires most critical to an organization’s success are those that are hired to work at the executive level to create, execute and lead the company’s strategy.

Often, because finding the best C-suite talent is so important, companies use external recruiting firms to help find top candidates from across a broad range. But these outside recruiting firms have a weakness that can have negative consequences.

Interviewing skills training experts say that when you want new leaders to ramp up quickly and stay for the long-term, you need to hire leaders who “fit” with your corporate culture. This is where inside recruiters have an edge. Because inside folks are part of the company culture, they understand how things work, how things get done and who succeeds and fails.

Final selection decisions should not be left up only to outside recruiters. It is your internal staff who has the knowledge of how existing teams work…their systems, their rituals, and their language. Rely on them to work with outside firms to find the leaders most ready to step in and take charge in a way that fits with your unique strategy and culture. 

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