Super Talent Alone Will Not Win the Game

Of course, everyone wants to get the best talent in order to succeed. This is why so many football teams go after big name and high-priced free agents. They were the super stars last season. They cost a lot. They should be the key to taking the team to the next level right?

Unfortunately buying top talent does not always work. In football, top free agents may fill on- and off-the-field needs but they do not always build Super Bowl teams. In 2010 for instance which was an uncapped year, 51 free agents signed, 14 of which signed for 4 years or more. But within a few years, only 3 remained under contract. Even with years of data and videos that proved their ability, players still failed at an alarming rate on their new teams.


The problem is that talent does not necessarily transfer from one team to another. Cultural fit matters and is the missing and unpredictable ingredient. When you hire, take a tip from the football record of free agents. To hire talent that will succeed in your organization, you must take into account a fit with your strategy as well as with your culture.

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