4 Early Warning Signs that the Candidate Is Not for You

Interview skills training can teach you how to identify the best talent for your particular job opening. You can also learn the warning signs that a job candidate is bad news and definitely not one you want to bring aboard.
Here are four of them:

1.     Typos on the resume show a lack of attention to detail.

2.      Poor preparation can indicate a lack of true interest in the job or be a sign of disorganization.

3.      Excessive talking could simply show nervousness. But it could also reveal that the candidate is not a good listener (and thus a poor team player) or is trying to hide something.

4.      Beware of the candidate who asks the “wrong” questions. Certainly you want someone who shows interest in what the job entails and how the company operates. But if you are asked too many questions about salary and vacations, you should be concerned about the candidate’s work ethic and motivation. 

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