5 Big Interviewing No-No’s for Managers

5 Big Interviewing No-No’s for Managers

Hiring well may be the most difficult and yet most important job of managers as they build their teams. Your interviewing skills training will have taught how some interviewers rely on a hit-or-miss process as they assess who to hire. But you can do far better.

Here are five interviewing no-no’s that will help keep you on track:

  1. Don’t talk too much.
    This is your opportunity to learn about the candidate, not dominate the conversation.

  2. Don’t be overly swayed by your first impression.
    Stay objective throughout the interview even if, at first, the candidate did not impress by manner and dress.

  3. Avoid leading questions.
    Don’t broadcast what you want to hear from the job seeker by asking questions like, “You have experience dealing with difficult customers, don’t you?” or “Give me an example when…”

  4. Don’t ask personal questions.
    Stay on legal ground. No questions about family, ethnic background, age, etc.

  5. Don’t neglect the tough questions out of empathy for a nervous interviewee.
    Ask the same questions of every candidate. This will give you an objective, not skewed, perspective on a candidate’s attitude and ability.
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