Should You move from “Job Fit” to “Cultural Fit?”

Should You move from Job Fit to Cultural Fit?

The interviewer rejecting the job candidate in the cartoon above might well have added, “We don’t like how you do it.”

Because indeed, we are seeing the trend in interviewing skills training from hiring simply for job fit to hiring more for cultural fit over the long-term. The “how” one behaves on the job matters more than we ever knew or appreciated. It’s the round peg in the square hole syndrome…if a candidate’s motivations, working style and attitudes are at odds with the desired or actual work environment, the match-up will not last.

The first step in interviewing with cultural fit in mind is to have a very clear picture of the performance culture the new employee would join. We define culture as how things truly get done in an organization - the way people think, behave and work. Though most savvy organizations understand that cultural fit is critical to hiring well, it is surprising how few companies have taken this basic step. Only once you clearly define your corporate culture, you ready to zero in on the job candidates that will thrive in your unique performance environment.

Are you hiring for cultural fit?

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