Three Answers You Must Have Ready as an Interviewer to Help Your Candidate to Say “Yes!”

Three Answers You Must Have Ready as an Interviewer to Help Your Candidate to Say “Yes!”

At some point during the job interview, your potential new hire will have an opportunity to ask some good questions to learn more about the job, the corporate culture and the company.

After completing an effective interviewing skills training program, you should be prepared to have good answers to the following three questions to increase your chances of landing candidates who fit:

  1. How will the company support my professional development and career growth?
    Candidates want to know how the company will offer targeted and relevant learning and development opportunities. Be prepared to discuss how much the company cares about and invests in improving and reinforcing the key skills necessary for success and advancement.

  2. Would you describe the team I would join?
    Interviewees want to know not only about the individuals who would become colleagues but also about the performance and team culture of the group. They want to assess how comfortable they would be with the way their potential new team does business. Be ready with authentic answers and clear examples that outline the way people think, behave and work.

  3. How will my success in this position be measured?
    Every new hire deserves to know what metrics will be used to gauge their success or failure in the job. Be ready with a clear description of the critical two to three metrics that will be used to measure their success and how they align with the overall success of the business.
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