Two Tips for Significantly Boosting the Right Candidate Pool

Two Tips for Significantly Boosting the Right Candidate Pool

All the interviewing skills training in the world cannot help if you don’t get the right candidates on the interview list to begin with. If you are seriously interested in attracting top talent, here are two tips that can significantly boost the level of the candidates you draw and their inclination to join your organization.

  1. Recruit in the right places.
    If you only advertise your opening in places for the currently unemployed, you miss an entire pool of potential applicants. Many “A” players have jobs but are not fully satisfied. Use your network to spread the word that you are in the market for the best and the brightest. Be active online, not just on job boards, to expand your contact base. Go to events where you can meet people who are likely candidates. Let them know you are interested in getting to know them better and, if they are not ready to move, ask them to help you by sharing the job opening info within their network of friends and colleagues.

  2. Be sure you show how attractive your company can be.
    Especially if you are interviewing top talent, you need to demonstrate that your organization has a culture that would fit them best, that there are opportunities for future growth, and that their contribution will be fully appreciated and rewarded. Be forthcoming about what they would be doing and who they would be working for.
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