The Critical Questions to Answer for a Successful New Hire

Let’s say you have followed interviewing skills training best practices, completed the interviewing process and have chosen the best candidate for the job. A lot rests on the candidate’s acceptance and satisfaction once aboard.

If you can’t afford to lose this one now (or in the future), be sure you have answered the questions they will be evaluating themselves as they consider your offer.
  1. Compensation. Is the pay competitive and fair? Check current salaries for comparable jobs.
  2. The job itself. Have you described the job and the organizational culture accurately? The better you represent the work, the team, the company and the goals, the better the candidate can picture just what the job involves. And have you injected some enthusiasm into your description? Genuine excitement about the job can make the difference in a candidate’s acceptance or rejection.
  3. Career development. Is there a future here? Ambitious workers want to know that there are ample opportunities for development, advancement and growth.
Cover these three aspects thoroughly with the candidate to improve the chances that they will not only accept the offer but also thrive on the job.

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