When Planning a Career Change…

When planning a career change, be sure you craft a story that makes sense. You will be asked many times to answer why you are making the change…by friends and family as well as by colleagues and, more critically, interviewers as you apply for a new job. Your family may be anxious about your shift because it involves risk. Your colleagues may be dubious that it will be a fit for you. And interviewers need convincing that this move is in their best interests as well as yours.

Interviewing skills training experts recommend that you put together a rationale for changing careers that includes the following three factors:
  1. Logic. For others to better understand your move there should be a natural progression from one career to the other…not a complete break.
  2. Building of skills. Describe how your previous career has prepared you for the new one by showing how the skills of one help you toward success in the other.
  3. Value. End your story with how you believe that you will bring value to others with this change…especially to the company you hope will hire you.

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