4 Tips to Hire the Right People

How can anyone 100% predict a candidate’s behavior on the job in only the standard 45-minute interview?

The answer is that you can’t.

But interviewing skills training experts have some advice that will help you conduct more effective interviews and get closer to the ideal of hiring the right people every time.
  1. Use peers, too, as interviewers. It is important not only to hire people who you as interviewing manager feel are a fit for the culture, it is important that the candidates’ potential co-workers see them as fitting on their team.
  2. Set them at ease. The more comfortable interviewees feel, the more they will reveal about themselves.
  3. Ask questions that show how a candidate might think and act on the job. Begin with the phrase, “Tell me about a time when…”
  4. Test for the skills you need. If you are hiring for a customer service position for example, set up a typical customer service situation and observe how they would handle it. If they claim to have lots of experience, you will soon discover how true or false their claim.

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