7 Video Interviewing Best Practice Guidelines

In an effort to save time and money, many organizations are conducting interviews via video-conferencing technology. But beware…recent research by interviewing skills training experts shows that there is a significant downside: not only were interviewees seen as less likeable, but also interviewers were seen as less capable. In an era where competition for talent is high, neither result is acceptable.

If, however, you cannot afford face-to-face interviews for all candidates, use video-conferencing only as a first screen. And then apply the following 7 guidelines:
  1. Level the field for fair play. Use the same interviewing method for all candidates for the same job.
  2. Use the best equipment available.
  3. Focus close to eye level so there is, at least, apparent eye contact and on the face to capture expressions.
  4. Be more expressive than usual as if you were acting on screen…as you are.
  5. Practice so you come across as naturally as possible.
  6. See that the interviewee is comfortable with the format and the technology.
  7. Ask a co-worker to take notes so you minimize the times you look away from the screen.

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